Events Outside of BAS

Workshop with Sarah Janavicius
Sunday 18th June
10 am to 4.30 pm

“Using a careful and sensitive study of colour, value, form, shape, texture, pattern, context and movement. Upon these build an understanding of the harmony, balance, transformative qualities, unity and mystery within the natural world.” Friedrich Froebel (1782 – 1852)

Create a beautiful collage painting and Lose Yourself and Find Yourself - in ‘Textures in the Landscape’, ‘Textures in the Woodland’, ‘Textures in Nature’ or ‘Textures in the Seascape’
For this Textural demonstration/ workshop, a given choice of subject matter will be provided, all based on 'Textures in the Landscape', 'Textures in the Woodland', ‘Textures in Nature’ or ‘Textures in the Seascape’ I shall cover the techniques so that the group will be able to achieve the demonstrated processes in easy-to-follow steps, all steps having been prepared thoroughly before the demonstration/workshop. I shall bring along some templates, and also some other reference material so that it will be straightforward. Textures in the Landscape, Woodland, Nature or Seascape will be the subject matter for the demonstration/ workshop. The media will be mixed media, acrylic, gouache, water colours, gold, silver and copper leaf, and more, all of which will be provided.

Please contact me for further details or to book a place...

Sarah F Janavicius

tel: (01234) 363112
mobile: 07484182820